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New Year, New Mattress!

New Year, New Mattress!

3 Reasons why Your New Year Deserves a New ZBed Mattress


Happy 2018! It’s the New Year and your goals are in full swing. You’ve joined a gym, started a new  healthy eating regimen and even updated your resume for a lit new career role.


Congrats, go you! But…don’t you think you might be forgetting something kind of MAJOR?


Here’s a clue: you spend 1/3 of your entire life doing it…


No? Still not sure what it is?




Think about it. If you spend 33%+ of your existence on this mortal coil in the land of Z, you should definitely consider making your sleep sanitary up to par. And that means a new mattress!


Here are our 3 top reasons why your new year needs a new ZBed Mattress:


Reason 1 - Out with the Old, In With the New!


Start the year as you mean to go on and reward yourself for all your resolutions and goals by getting rid of old energy and exchanging it for a new bed. Think about it — if furniture holds memories, and your bed has seen break-ups, breakdowns and more than a few broke-down apartments over the years, what better way to feng shui all the negative away than with a new ZBed mattress?


Reason 2 - What lies beneath may gross you out irreparably…


This is one of those “once learned, can’t be unlearned” facts but we owe it to you to give you the full situation. For dust mites AKA the ultimate unwanted guests, your vintage mattress is like the Hotel California — they can check out, but once those critters have their luggage all up in your bed, they can never leave. The average mattress contains a startling 10 million mites, and the problem is more severe in the winter. Yep. TEN MILLION. That means you have a dust mite New York City and Brooklyn happening inside your mattress, probably with their own Uber system and High Line. *Shudders* Time to trade up and stop scratching!


Reason 3 - Science says replace your mattress every 7 - 10 years


The ultimate scientific authority on good sleep, the Better Sleep Council, recommend that you replace your mattress every 7-10 years, but depending on the comfort and support it provides, you might feel ready to refresh your mattress sooner rather than later. Have you noticed when you move, your mattress dips and creaks? How about those musical springs? Do you wake up feeling like you did a SoulCycle and kickboxing session, with your muscles aching? Might be time to check out a new ZBed, fam. Your mattress is like a good pair of sneakers, but for your body and mind. You can’t sleep restfully on a busted up old mattress, in the same way you can’t train and run a marathon wearing a beaten up ol’ pair of Chuck Taylor’s.


The cost of a good night’s sleep


Getting a good night’s sleep is priceless, but actually very affordable with ZBed. Check out our signature mattress, The ZBed, with premium Tencel cover, blended natural latex, memory foam and a breathable foam base. It’s the cordon bleu of beds, and your body will give you a 5* review for it!


All great sleep deserves a great foundation - and so does your new ZBed mattress - check out the ultimate foundation and get a new ZBed Foundation too  — because the foundation of great sleep is superior support.

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