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Enhance your sleeping experience!

Enhance your sleeping experience!

7 Simple Ways to Supersize Your Sleep


Just another 15 minutes!


*Hits snooze button 4 times*


*1 hour later*


*Wakes up feeling like zombie apocalypse happened and staggers through day like it’s Castlevania*


If this sounds like you, you need a lesson in sleepology from ZBed! While we can’t extend your day by an hour for that extra 60 minutes of snooze time, we can help your hours of time in the land of nod more be more restful. Read on to learn now to supersize your super-sleep!


Sleepology Goal 1 - Make your bed a screen-free area an hour before you hit the sack


A study by Deloitte shows 58% of people check their phones in the last 30 minutes before they call asleep and half of 18 - 24 year olds wake up in the middle of the night to check their phone. The blue lights that smartphones, tablets and T.Vs emit mess with your body’s production of the sleep hormone, melatonin, which lessens the quality of the sleep that follows. Ban the screens from your bed an hour before you sleep to supersize your time in the land of Zzz’s!



Sleeplogy Goal 2 - Yoga and stretch is the new Netflix and chill


A little bit of light exercise before bedtime can do wonders to help relax your body and prepare it for snoozing like a winner. According to The Sleep Doctor, a simple and light yoga and stretching routine around 3 or 4 hours before sleepy time will make all the difference to your restore your energy levels and get you all set for a good night’s rest.


Sleepology Goal 3 - Have a sleep schedule and stick to it


It might sound lame (Set bedtimes? Do I look like I am 5?), but your sleep pattern loves routine. And isn’t sleeping like a baby the ultimate  goal? Set your bedtime and make sure you are getting to see around the same time each night. Start winding down a few hours before (so no aerial sliding and TAE-BO just before bed, mmmkay?) and be nicely tucked under the covers ready for dream state by 30 minutes before your sleep schedule says so. You’ll be amazed by how much every minute of REM sleep will be so much more restful. Don’t knock it ’til you’re tried it!


Sleepology Goal 4 - Get set with the ultimate sleep-tuation


You can’t except to get primo sleep if your bed looks like it has just been through 10 rounds with Floyd Mayweather - and lost. A beat down beat means broke-down sleep, so step up your slumber game with a new ZBed. Think about it — if your bed does not support your body while you sleep, you’ll be awake tossing and turning instead of blissfully slumbering.


ZBed’s are comprised of special materials that are designed for superior comfort and support, with memory foam, natural blended latex and a breathable foam base. The trifecta of truly happy sleep!


So go ahead and get your Zzzz’s on!



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